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Hello my name is Ainslie Smith, the owner and principal vet at Eden Veterinary Practice. I grew up on a farm in North East Fife and I have always wanted to be a vet. I realised this because when the vet visited the farm, I would be bombarding them with questions about what they were doing whether it was cattle, cats or dogs. The variety of animals and what the vet would do sparked a life long interest.
Since 2003 4260 people have trusted us with their pets health, is it time for you to do the same?
I was lucky enough to gain admission to study veterinary medicine at the Dick Vet in Edinburgh and I have pursued my passion for veterinary medicine ever since.
We aim  to do as much diagnosis and treatment of all our patients, no matter what species, within our own practice in Cupar. However, I am also aware that recent advances in veterinary medicine and surgery mean that there are times that referral to a specialist vet or hospital is in the best interest of a patient, therefore we can arrange for extra help if/when it is needed.

Since 2003 we have now grown to become a 5 vet practice. The vets that work here all share the same passion interest and ethos because we know that many clients want to build a relationship with their vet (and this is nice for the patients and vets as well). We try to aid this with the appointments offered. We would very much like to meet you and your pet.

I have fond memories of the James Herriot books and tv series, when the vet was well known locally, the practice was a friendly environment and the clients were known personally.
When, in 2003, I decided to return to my home area and set up my own practice, I wanted to try and retain some of the 'James Herriot' ethos along with modern clinical medicine.